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My goal is and has been to use the finest parts on my 8 string steel guitars and to personally build them.


The Tuning pan and tuners on my steels I consider the crown jewel . The pans are machined from a block of stainless steel and house 15:1 Gotoh guitar tuners perfectly with no backlash. This is a huge improvement from the vintage, long shaft tuners and some reproductions out there.


The pickup plates are beautifully milled from heavy gauge polished stainless steel with chamfered holes and the correct saddle guides for the saddle to slide on.


All the screws are stainless steel, the bridge covers are also stainless. The knobs are stainless with a deep, sharp knurl that does not slip. (Very hard to manufacture).

The pickups are Seymour Duncan Antiquity which have the correct reverse field between the bridge and neck pickup.


The steel guitar bodies are made by hand using slow aged poplar and scribed from templates. The steel bodies are a full block with a generous thickness (1+7/8") to enhance tone. The bodies are carefully finished in nitrocellulose lacquer.


The fret boards are hand silk screened aluminum. The potentiometers are brass shaft CTS with an orange drop capacitor.


All my steels are offered as lap or 3 leg models. The center leg socket is set at 30 degrees so the tripod is very stable and won't tip over. The legs are chromed steel with aluminum sockets. I have collected an array of vintage instruments for testing and research to build these instruments and I am very pleased to compare any King Pin to the beloved models from the past.

Gary Rue

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